With our social distancing new normal probably being in effect for quite some time, some glider field procedures to follow:

  • Stay six feet apart as much as possible.  If helping someone assemble a ship, one person on the root and one on the tip
  • Try to bring your own wipes to clean up a glider prior to flying, especially if someone flies that ship immediately prior to your flight.
  • If possible, (wind permitting) leave canopy open to ventilate cockpit.
  • If you have your own handheld radio, please bring it.

Ground Handling:

  • All gliders except 2-22:  When moving ships, always have one person on wingtip when moving.  Absolutely do not let wingtip drag when rotating ship.
  • When launching, only one person at glider when tow rope attached.
  • When scanning for traffic, stand outside wingtip, and in view of glider pilot so they can ensure you scanned for traffic
  • Always show glider pilot tow ring to ensure the proper ring (Tost/Schweizer) is used

Tow plane and patterns:

  • Towplane will normally use left-hand pattern
  • Departing to the north, will use right-hand pattern
  • On downwind leg of tow, will not turn back towards the field until 1,200’ AGL


  • Normal pattern is left-hand. 
  • Plan on entering pattern as depicted on Richter Airport Diagram (45 degree entry to downwind)
  • Always land straight ahead, never deviate unless an emergency exists.
  • When landing to the south, cross the threshold (road at north) at an altitude above the shed hangar to ensure vehicle traffic separation on the road, and minimize possible turbulence with a southwest wind from the trees.
  • Landing to the south, single-seat gliders, do not use overrun south of the glider staging area at the south end.  2-22 use extreme caution.
  • Landing to the north, if glider staged at north end, stop at club hangar, pull off, and wait for glider to launch.  If no glider staged, with caution, stop 100’ south of shed at north end.

Please also review our operating procedures page: https://midwesternsoaringassociation.com/msa-operating-procedures

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